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5 Things to Know About Online IPL Betting in India 2023

IPL Betting

IPL is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world. With cricket fever at an all-time high, fans are flocking to watch the games on TV and online streaming platforms. The popularity of the league has created a lucrative environment for online IPL betting.

If you want to take advantage of this trend and make some quick cash from your favorite sports, read on to learn more about online IPL betting in India. 

What is online IPL Betting in India?

The popularity of the IPL has made it one of the most popular sports in the world. Betting on the matches, while they are taking place, has made the league even more popular. This has resulted in a huge increase in betting volume, and more and more online bookmakers have started offering IPL betting services. 

The betting market for the IPL is huge and has tremendous potential for growth. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. The surge in popularity of the IPL is largely attributed to the massive fan following that the league enjoys. 

It is followed not just by cricket enthusiasts, but also by people interested in other sports because of the intense competition between various teams. The popularity of the IPL has led to significant growth in online betting IPL in India. With more and more online bookmakers jumping on the bandwagon, it is easier than ever to bet on a favorite team and earn profits.

Online IPL betting in India has become a very profitable venture for many online betting fans. The online betting market for the IPL is expected to grow at a healthy rate. With more and more people betting on IPL matches, the betting market is expected to experience steady growth.

How to Set up an IPL Betting Account in India?

The first thing you need to do is find an online sports betting platform that allows you to bet on the IPL. This can be a regular Indian sports book or an international sports betting platform like Fun88. Fun88 is the most trustworthy and reliable website to bet on. 

Now it’s time to sign up, and it is essential that you provide accurate information while registering to ensure that you are not banned from betting on IPL matches. Once you have provided the details, it is time to deposit some money into your IPL betting account. Betting on the IPL is all about betting on the outcome of matches. All online bookmakers allow you to bet on the results of IPL matches. The amount you deposit into your IPL betting account is usually valid for a single match. If your team wins, you win only if you bet on that match.

Important Tips to Consider While Betting on IPL Matches Online

The right strategy can help you win big. Check out the below tips and bet on an IPL match like a pro.

IPL Betting Online is Not Illegal in India

The legality of online sports betting in India is at the center of a lot of confusion among consumers. And, while it is not illegal to participate in online betting, the country places some heavy restrictions on how to do so. They’ve been cracking down on the industry for several years now, and the government has repeatedly reiterated that it does not support or promote the growth of online betting. 

However, the fact remains that it’s not illegal to bet online, and some of the best Indian sportsbooks have thrived under these rules. 

Now, it’s important to note that the Indian government has made some recent changes to the rules and regulations surrounding online betting. This has caused a bit of a stir among the industry as well as the public, and sportsbooks have been scrambling to understand the implications of these changes. But, for now, it’s safe to say that online betting in India is not illegal.

Lots of Betting Options Out There

It’s pretty common these days for online sportsbook operators to rely on a couple of betting options and then limit their customers to just one of them. In India, they’re mostly betting on football (soccer) and cricket, but there are also a few individual/team sports options such as American football, athletics, and golf. 

While many of these sites restrict customers to only a few options, there is no penalty for you if you want to try other sports too. Most Indian betting sites, such as Fun88, provide a wide range of markets from which to choose. What’s more, you can even create a custom single bet that you want to place on a certain match.

Just explore FUN88’s interactive website, and you will be able to learn for yourself about the variety of online betting options out there. Moreover, we also allow you to place pre-match bets (betting before a match starts) and in-play bets (betting when a match is in progress) for IPL.

Plenty of Betting Sites to Choose From

Just as there are a lot of outcomes to bet on, there are plenty of online betting sites to choose from as well for the IPL 2023. But, you need to do a thorough analysis to decide which site to go to for placing a bet. 

While doing the analysis, check whether the betting site accepts Indian rupees or not, what sort of IPL betting odds and tips it offers, and any welcome bonuses being offered. Apart from that, we also recommend that bettors consider factors like site navigation and ease of use while making this decision.

Secure Payment Methods Are Available

There are a number of online sportsbooks that accept payments through your credit card, debit card, or Net-banking/e-wallet account. This is also helpful when you want to withdraw your winnings after placing your bet. Be aware, though, that some of the newer entrants have started accepting cryptocurrencies as well. While it’s not recommended to use your cash/crypto wallet for this purpose, it’s the safest option. 

At FUN88, you can make payments using secure methods like Netbanking, UPI, VISA, G-Pay, Mastercard, Astropay, and Sticpay.

Important Terms and Conditions While Betting on IPL Matches

Before you start betting on IPL matches, it is essential that you know the important terms and conditions associated with them. There are certain terms and conditions that apply to online IPL betting and you must follow them. All online bookmakers have their own set of terms and conditions associated with IPL betting. It is essential that you read them thoroughly and understand them before placing any bets on IPL matches. 


Online IPL betting has surged in popularity across India during the past few years due to its booming mobile gaming market. Online betting sites like Fun88 have become some of the most popular ways for Indians to liven up their weekly/fortnightly/monthly sports fix during the IPL period.

Some other benefits involved with gambling online include lower withdrawal fees; faster processing time; larger amounts that can be wagered on a single game; live betting available 24/7; and access to markets from all over the world (whether you’re located within India or not).

In addition to that, India being home to many passionate cricket fans means that the odds for every game are usually much better than in other countries. That’s why betting on IPL in India will be very popular by the time the 2023 season rolls around. 

While you’re getting ready to place your bets on IPL matches, we’d also encourage you to research the past performance of the players and teams and also find a safe site like FUN88 to place your bets on.