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8 Underdog Cricketers To Bet On The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Tournament

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The long awaited 2021 ICC men’s T20 world cup has finally kicked off in Oman, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on October 17 and we at Fun88 are all here for it.

The 2021 cricket calendar is quite an action packed one with the ICC T20 World Cup 2021 bringing in the best and famous cricket players in the world to battle it out to win the coveted trophy.
While the warm up matches and their consecutive winners are a strong precursor offering us valuable insights as to how the games might pan out in the three stages of the T20 world cup, unanticipated googly’s, controversial sixes and last minute victories can unfold on the pitch, making it hard to ascertain who the victor could be.

With Sri lanka clinching all two out of the two wins in the group A qualifications, the Sri Lankan team is set to join the group 1 players to compete for the prized world cup in the Super 12 stage.
The fight for the runner up position from group A, and the winners from group B continues. Today’s blog however, is all about the 8 Underdog Cricketers To Bet On The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Tournament.

Yes, we have combined a list of the top 8 underdogs from the super 12 teams that could turn the tide in their favour and give a compelling performance you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Whom To Bet On The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Tournament?

Whom To Bet On The ICC Men's T20 World Cup Tournament?

  1. England – Tymal Mills
    The England cricket team players are a strong favorite among cricket fans and they are all set to fight defending champions West Indies in the upcoming Super 12 matches.
    While England’s cricket team is a talented mix of individuals, it is missing key players such as Jofra Archer ( who bowed out due to an injury,) Ben Stokes and Sam Curran.
    Which is why the recent addition of Tymal Mills has managed to pique the interest of cricket enthusiasts all over. Tymal Mills is known as one of the most explosive fast bowlers in the history of English cricket He is well versed in serving bowling speeds rivaling 90mph, and is all set to join the T20 world cup battle.
    Tymal had taken a break from professional cricket due to health complications and has made an early return. 4 years have passed since his last international cricket appearance and we are excited to see his fast bowling skills in the upcoming matches.
  2. South africa – Tabraiz Shamsi
    A strong candidate from the South African national cricket team players is Tabraiz Shamsi, the top ranked bowler of the T20 series. Already flexing his record as the highest wicket taker this year (28 wickets) and positioned as the top bowler by ICC, the odds certainly are in his favour.
    His impressive track record and wicked spins prove as much.
  3. Australia – Glenn Maxwell
    Among the Australian cricket team players Glenn Maxwell is what you call an ‘All rounder’ in the world of cricket, with an impressive ability to hit sixes, serve classy spins and field efficiently.
    He has carved an identity as a formidable and consistent player in the T20 league. Glen Maxwell under the strong leadership of team captain Aaron Finch is a great player to set your bets on.
    Riding high post a strong performance in the recent IPL championship, scoring 290 runs at an average of 41.43, he is all set to make a grab for the win.
  4. West Indies – Nicholas Pooran
    Filling in as Vice – captain of the West Indies cricket team, 26 year old Nicholas Pooran is a promising, talented batsman, who has broken multiple records throughout his professional career as a cricketer.
    The defending champions West indies, have managed to secure and retain their title over two T20 championships, and will need all that it takes to continue this winning streak for the third time in a row.
    While Pooran’s career is sprinkled with highs and lows following his disappointing performance in the latest IPL season, Pooran himself  is confident about his form in the upcoming ICC T20 world cup 2021.
    With his ability to thrive under pressure and surprise the audience with sudden bursts of brilliance we’ve got our eyes on this Trinidadian cricketer from the West Indies Cricket Team players squad.
  5. India – KL Rahul
    Stellar batsman KL Rahul is definitely a must on multiple watch lists as a formidable force all set to outperform the Indian Cricket Team players with his stupendous form and consistency over the season. While India does have promising players and new talent cropping up, the Virat Kohli led team provides a strong support to the batsman and skipper to showcase his talent on the field.
    He has also amped up his performance in the warm ups, and If the warm up games are any indication of what’s to come, a lot is expected from his performance in the T20 series.Related read: T20 World Cup: All Team Players List – Key Players to Place Your Bet On
  6. Pakistan – Mohammad Rizwan
    Pakistan’s national cricket team is unquestionably in great form with new talent and old expertise clubbing together to create a great mix, ready to clinch their second T20 title.
    We, as do most others, see great potential among Pakistan’s cricket players, especially in the  form of Mohammad Rizwan who has managed to establish himself  as one of the best batsman and the highest run scorer in T20 with more than 1400 runs in 2021.
    All these accolades paired with his unique batsmanship style makes him an interesting player to watch out for.
  7. New Zealand – Devon Conway
    Everyone has their eyes on Devon Conway, whose exceptional performance in his test debut wherein he scored a double century against England at Lords successfully managed to turn heads and pique interest.
    His strong performance in the Super Smash final earlier this year along with him attaining 1071 runs at an average of 53.55 in T20 makes him a worthwhile opponent. We are all excited to see how the left hand batsman knocks us in the showdown. Amongst all the New Zealand National Cricket Team players, Conway could lead the way.
  8. Afghanistan – Rashid Khan
    23 year old Rashid Khan from the Afghanistan Cricket Players team is cited as one of the most in demand international players at the moment. His edge comes from his ability to serve complicated and consistent spinners making him an indispensable bowler to his team.
    His quick arm and his penchant for throwing striking spins without breaking stride is something everyone is looking forward to in Afghanistan’s play in super 12.

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So there you have it, our curated list of 8 underdog players to watch out from the super 12  teams for the 2021 ICC men’s T20 world cup.

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