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9 Most Profitable Betting Markets For T20 World Cup 2021


With the T20 World Cup 2021 just around the corner, the cricket betting market is gearing up to be on fire. The practice matches have already begun. It is worth mentioning that the practice warm-up matches are being telecasted Live for the very first time. The cricket fans are eagerly anticipating the World cup matches.

It is highly likely that every match involving India, Pakistan, England, West Indies and Australia will attract a large number of cricket fans to the betting market.  Pre-match betting has already begun online. On betting apps and websites, you can take punts from match-winners to the most sixes.

ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021 Trophy

List of the 9 most Profitable Cricket Betting Markets For T20 World Cup 2021

If you are exploring your cricket betting market options, here are the profitable betting markets that you can target in the seventh edition of the T20 World Cup (2021) tournament.

  1. Outright Winner: Outright betting involves wagers on a single event, a competition, a team winner, or the overall result. Unlike other types of betting with a range of potential outcomes with varying degrees of likelihood, outright betting offers a single outcome. In this bet, you place wagers on the outright winner of the tournament instead of a single match.
  2. Match Winner: This is the most common type of cricket betting. In this, you have to identify the winner of a single match. Although, do keep in mind that bets are considered void if the result is a tie.
  3. Top Batsman (Outright): The goal is to correctly forecast who will score the most runs as a batsman. This wager can be placed on the tournament’s best batsman. Top Home Batsman, Top Away Batsman, Match Top Batsman, and Top Series Batsman are related markets. Because this is a difficult gamble to win, the odds are tempting.
  4. Top Batsman (Individual): Unlike the Outright Top Batsman, you identify the top batsman of a single match in this option. The top batters market is simple to use; all you have to do is pick the best batsman in the match, categorised as the person who has scored the most runs. It’s an individual betting market in a sport where team bets are the standard, so it’s a refreshing change of pace, and you can incorporate quite a bit of research into your approach to win the bet.
  5. Top Bowler (Outright): As we know that Cricket is split into two categories: Batting and Bowling. Fielding plays a minor role in the world of cricket betting. After Batsman betting and Outright winner, the bowling market comes next in terms of popularity. It is also called top wicket-taker betting. All you have to do is predict who will take the most wickets in the tournament in the outright top bowler betting market. Betting in the Bowling department is fun but requires an equal amount of research like other betting options.
  6. Top Bowler (Individual): The wager is placed on the player predicted to take the maximum number of wickets in a single match. If you are good with predictions, you can bet on this option. However, we’d still advise you to have a good knowledge of Cricket and individual players.
  7. Most Sixes: In Cricket, a six is scored when the batsman hits the ball and passes the boundary without hitting the ground. The market for betting on the most sixes allows you to wager on which team will score the most sixes during the course of a match. In most events, placing this bet correctly will necessitate a comprehensive review of the teams’ current form and the tactics that each side is likely to deploy. In order to establish or chase a high score, batsmen are more inclined to strive to hit as many sixes as possible in T20 World Cup So if you choose to bet on this one, be very mindful.
  8. Man of the Match: The man-of-the-match award is given to the player who contributes the most to the game, whether with the bat, the ball, or both. Note that 99 percent of the time, the man-of-the-match award is awarded to a player on the winning team. In terms of betting, the goal is to correctly predict which player will receive this highest honour at the end of the match. This bet usually is only available for important sporting events.
  9. Five methods of dismissal (LBW, Caught, Bowled, Run-out, Stumped): The term “method of dismissal” refers to how a batsman’s wicket is taken during a cricket match. Being caught, bowled, stumped, run out, and leg before wicket are all examples of dismissal methods. Betting on the method of dismissal is just one of the various ways a cricket fan may participate in in-play betting while watching the game. To forecast the results, you’ll need to pay close attention and analyse the match. Before placing bets, always check how the last wickets have fallen.

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