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A Complete Guide to play Dragon Tiger Card Game

A complete guide to Dragon tiger card game

Dragons are one of the most feared races in mythology and folklore. Dragon Tiger game is one of the hottest card games that has become a popular online casino. And for a good reason, because this game has a lot of fun and excitement!

However, if you are considering placing a bet on the Dragon Tiger casino game and need to learn how to, this article is for you. 

This article will explain everything you need to know about dragons and tigers in card games, including how to play Dragon Tiger Card Game, its key features, its types, how to play and the game’s rules.

What is Dragon Tiger Card Game?

Dragon Tiger is one of the most-played casino card games that the Chinese designer, Wang Shao-Chi, created. The game is made up of 60 unique cards, with the animal in question being either a tiger or a dragon. 

 The cards are similar in design to Magic: The Gathering, with white and red cards representing the tiger and the red dragon. The dealer deals with both sides of the card. The betting side prevails with higher-ranking cards.  

You will win the round if your wager is higher than the highest card, such as a King. However, if you bet on a tie, then the chances of your losing the bet are 50% of the bet. The match will be a tie if the exact value of the cards appears on both sides. 

The lowest value in the Dragon Tiger game is the Ace. The Ks, Qs, Js, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and Aces are listed from biggest to smallest. 

Key Features of Dragon Tiger Game 

Here is the list of the main features that characterize the Dragon tiger game:

  • Simple play

You can choose to place a bet on Dragon or Tiger. If luck favors your card, then you win the bet. If not, then keep playing.

  • Fast-paced game

The game round can be over in just a few seconds. Hence, you can play many rounds in an hour.

  • Same as Baccarat

The game is considered to be similar to the Asian game of Baccarat. However, it is easier to play.

 Major Type of Dragon Tiger games Bets

The slot Dragon Tiger is one of the most exciting and simple games around. You can place various types of bets on it.

Here we have explained all types of Dragon Tiger bets that you can place your wager:

 Main Bets Types  

The Main bets of Dragon Tiger have two different types of bets:  

Hand bet-  This is the total bet where you can place a wager on any two options: Tigers or Dragons.

Tie Bet:  In tie bets, both hands and cards will have the same value. However, the winner of a round is determined by a tie.

Side Bets

The Side bets of Dragon Tiger have three different types of bets:

Small or Big Bets:

 In Small Bets, the card values are under 7, whereas in Big Bets, the card value is more than 7. If the outcome is 7, you are out of luck.

Suit Bet:

You can bet on a suit that may draw for a hand. For example, you can bet on Club, spade, heart, or diamond. However, you will lose the bet if the card is a seven.

Odds/Even Bet:

You can Bet on the even or odd value of the dragon or Tiger card. But you will lose the bet if the card is 7

How to Play Dragon Tiger Game

The Dragon Tiger Card Game is very easy to play. You can go through the ways to play the game mentioned below:

  1. You have to put a bet on the Dragon set or the tiger set placed on the table. 
  2. You can shuffle the card from a shoe containing 6 to 8 pre-shuffled decks of cards. 
  3. In the game, the king card has the highest value, and the Ace has the lowest value. Hence, the increasing rank of the cards is Ace, 2,3, 4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, and K.
  4. After putting the bet on your favorite card, the dealer shows one card and places it on Dragon or Tiger Box.
  5. You will win the bet if you have wagered on the highest-value card, or otherwise, you will lose the game. 
  6. You can keep playing the Dragon Tiger Card Game without losing any bets. However, there are no limits to how you can enjoy this fun and strategic card game.
  7. Only the dealer is the opponent in this game, and each participant at the table has their own set of Tiger, Dragon, and Tie boxes.
  8. You can also place a bet on a tie, which indicates that you predict that both the cards drawn will be of the same value.

Are Dragons in Card Games Real?

In the ancient Indian and Chinese cultures, Dragons were real, and people worshiped them as gods. However, there are various people playing card games with names and images made of dragons at various online trusted betting sites.


Dragon Tiger Card Game is a classic card game played by the player who wins the most matches while going undefeated.

There are no limits to how you can enjoy this fun and strategic card game. However, before placing any bets on the Dragon Tiger game, know all the above details in this guide.

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1.Where to play Dragon Tiger online?

Dragon Tiger Game is available online at a lot of reputable casinos. The game is also available with a different table at Fun88 site. It is a trustable and licensed website.

2.How to win the Dragon Tiger game?

Dragon Tiger is an easy game to play. To win the game you can get the dragon tiger strategy at Fun88 blog websites. You can even get many tips and tricks to succeed at the game. For example, the most well-liked winning tactic for Dragon Tiger is to stay away from the high-risk tie bet.

 3.How does Dragon Tiger Work?

The Dragon Tiger game is played with cards on a table in a fast-action style. Dragons or Tigers are the two options that you can choose from on the table to begin the game. The highest card appears on the Dragon or Tiger box, depending on which bet you place.