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BetB2B – The Widest Sportsbook on The Betting Market

Want to bet on the widest range of sports with tons of betting options and superb features? That’s what BetB2B [1XBET] Sportsbook brings for you. With 182+ sports lines, 25k+ events, and 16k+ live events, BetB2B is the widest sportsbook you can ever find.

Let’s understand the benefits of betting on BetB2B. Typically, in the betting industry, you have portals focusing either on the biggest tournaments like the UEFA Champions League and Indian Premier League (IPL) or portals that focus on smaller state-level tournaments.

But what if you want to bet on both kinds of tournaments? You may be following the biggest cricket tournaments like the IPL, but you may also be interested in betting on smaller football tournaments like Manipur State League.

Or, it could be the case that you have an eclectic taste in sports and apart from betting on cricket and football, you would also like to bet on sports with a niche following like ice hockey, cycling, and water polo.

In such a case, you can visit different betting sites to bet on different kinds of sports and tournaments. But what if you don’t get the right benefits and features you want? It could be that a certain sportsbook doesn’t have a smooth interface or it doesn’t provide the payment methods you prefer to use.

That is why we recommend you visit BetB2B[1XBET], the widest sportsbook in the world for bettors, which also has some of the best betting features in the industry.

Still not convinced to bet on BetB2B [1XBET]? Let’s explain its benefits further.

Widest coverage of sports for punters in the betting industry

Widest coverage of sports for punters in the betting industry

We offer the widest range of sports to punters in the betting industry. Be it cricket, football, kabaddi, tennis, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, or horse racing, we’ve got you covered! Not only do we cover a huge number of sports, but we also cover a sheer range of tournaments within each sport for which you can get betting options on our platform.

So, while in cricket, we let you bet on the most successful T20 league, the IPL, we also provide you with the betting options for relatively smaller leagues, like the Big Bash League in Australia.

On our platform, you have the option of betting on your national team and also betting on all kinds of big and small tournaments. When it comes to betting options, the limit is endless.

On the same lines, for tennis, we cover all the grand slams (The Wimbledon, French Open, US Open, and Australian Open), ATP tournaments, and many smaller events, like the ITF women’s tennis tournament.

We cover big global sports, which are trying to go local like tennis. We also cover local sports like Kabaddi which are trying to go global. That’s why we provide competitive betting odds for punters willing to bet on the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League.

Apart from the real sporting events, we also provide you betting odds for virtual sports and esports like CS:GO and Dota 2.

BetB2B covers 182+ sports lines, 25k+ events, 16k+ live events, and provides the highest number of bet types (5,500+).

European and Asian view of the sportsbook and sorting of national events according to users’ geographical location

When you choose the BetB2B sportsbook we give our commitment to providing you with the best sports betting experience. That’s why we provide both the European and Asian views of the sportsbook so that players from all over the world can select an interface based on their preferences.

Plus, we also provide relevant sorting of national sporting events according to a user’s geographical location. For a typical punter in India, the preferred national sporting events to bet on are most likely different from a typical player in the UK.

Rather than players having to struggle with a platform to get their national events, we do that for you so that you can focus on placing bets and winning!

Bettor-friendly platform that’s aimed at both seasoned and new punters

Our betting platform is aimed at all kinds of punters. Whether you are a seasoned bettor or a newbie, you can punt on our platform with a reasonable degree of success. Most important of all, you won’t feel that you’re getting stuck at any point because of our user-friendly website and app.

You also get exciting bonuses, lucky prizes, and other rewards on our website for betting on a wide range of sports. A number of punters have already won BMW – X7, Suzuki Hayabusa bike, and iPhone 13 Pro by betting on T20 cricket on our website. You can be the next one. Besides, we offer secure and convenient payment options for fast deposit and withdrawal of funds like Netbanking, UPI, GPay, VISA, MasterCard, Ecopayz, Astropay, and Sticpay.

A whole range of bet types to offer something for all kinds of punters

We offer a wide range of bet selections. Based on your risk appetite, you can select a bet type and place a wager. These are some of the common bet types on our website:

  • Single – Multiply odds*stake of a single event selection.
  • Accumulator – Combo Bet (Multiply all odds*stake of all the selected selections). Should at least one leg fail, the whole bet is lost.
  • System – Bet consisting of several accumulators of the same size on a predetermined number of outcomes. Eg: System 2/3 = doubles out of out 3 selections.
  • Chain – Several single bets that work in a chain. So, place the order with the highest potential to win. Eg: ABCD, if A wins continue to B but if A loses, then 0 is the outcome.
  • Multibet – Set of accumulators and single bets. It may include a Lobby bet or it may not.
  • Anti-accumulator – It is the opposite of an accumulator in terms of bet settlement, which means that the bet wins if the relevant accumulator loses.
  • Conditional – A combination of bets (single bets and accumulators). Players may determine their own discretion on the order & stake on each outcome.
  • Lucky – A combination of single bets and all associated available accumulators for a specific number of selections. The minimum number of selections is 2, the maximum number of selections is 8.
  • Patent – It involves all the possible accumulators derived from a set number of selections. The minimum number of selections is 3 and the maximum number of selections is 8.

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