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How has Christian Eriksen’s collapse increased the awareness about on-field medical checkups_quick medical aid

UEFA Euro Cup 2020: Christian Eriksen’s Collapse During The Match It was June 12th, when football fans across the world were excitedly watching the match between Denmark and Finland, as part of the Euro Cup 2020. The match was into its 43rd minute when Denmark team midfielder ... Read More >

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Euro Cup 2020: Major highlights so far!

Euro Cup 2020 Highlights | Image source: The Euro Cup 2020 is at a very exciting stage as group fixtures are going to end, and the Round of 16 is set to begin. ... Read More >

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Euro Cup 2020: Know All About the France Golden Generation

The Euro Cup 2020 | Image source: The current set of players in the France football team have deservedly earned the title of being a “Golden Generation.” Under t... Read More >

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Euro Cup 2020: Could it be Ronaldo’s Last Major Tournament?

It's certainly been a long time since Portugal last lifted the coveted UEFA Euro Cup back in 2016, not to mention the damper the Pandemic put on all our plans by keeping various sports tournaments on hold. Finally, here in 2021, the football calendar certainly looks exciting! Starting off with the UEFA Euro C... Read More >

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Euro Cup 2020: What happened to Christian Eriksen? How are other teams paying tribute to him?

Christian Eriksen, considered to be one of the all-time best players of Denmark, is recovering after going through a mishap on the pitch against Finland. It was just the second day of Euro Cup 2020 when the midfielder experienced a potentially life-threatening medica... Read More >

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The UEFA Euro Cup Which Team Has The Highest Chances of Winning And Losing

The upcoming UEFA Euro Cup may turn out to be the most fiercely contested championship in recent times. To begin with, there were no automatic qualifying berths, which meant each team had to prove its mettle to compete in the finals of the championship. Many soccer b... Read More >