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ICC T20 World Cup 2021 semifinals: Which four teams will make it to the semifinals? Betting odds & tips


Now that we are getting really close to the knock-out stage of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2021, there’s a lot of excitement in the air. Because from now on, there will be no second chances. If a team wins a match, it will be in the tournament, but it will crash out if it loses.

That’s why bettors are keen to know which four cricket teams will reach the T20 World Cup’s semi finals. At Fun88, our experts think that Pakistan and New Zealand from Group 2 and England and Australia from Group 1 will make it to the semifinals of the tournament.

That will leave a lot of Indian fans disappointed, but the truth of the matter is India has performed poorly against Pakistan and New Zealand, and even if it were to beat Afghanistan, Namibia, and Scotland, India only has a mathematical chance of reaching the semifinals.

In this blog, we’ll talk in detail about what makes us so confident that these four teams will reach the knockout stage of the ICC T20 World Cup 2021. So, read on….

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Pakistan and New Zealand are most likely to reach the last four from Group 2

Pakistan and New Zealand could reach semi finals from Group 2

Betting odds clearly indicate that Pakistan is all set to reach the semifinals of the T20 World Cup. It has won all the three matches it played against India, New Zealand, and Afghanistan. Moreover, Pakistan won all the matches comfortably, and that’s the reason it has a healthy net run rate (NRR).

Pakistan beat India by 10 wickets, New Zealand by 5 wickets, and Afghanistan by 5 wickets. Such a comfortable margin of victory shows that Pakistan will likely beat Namibia and Scotland as well unless it does something erratic.

Pakistan has a history of erratic performances, but in this world cup, it has looked calm and assured. We think it’s going to remain steady in the rest of the tournament as well. Therefore, we can say that Pakistan will win all the 5 matches of the Super 12 stage and finish at the top of Group 2 with 10 points.

Apart from Pakistan, New Zealand is the other team from Group 2, which is likely to reach the semifinals if we go by the betting odds and predictions. Of the two matches the Kiwis have played, they have won the one against India and lost the one against Pakistan. Even though the Black Caps lost against Pakistan, they were in the match for the most part of it.

The Kiwis have left three matches to play, one each against Afghanistan, Namibia, and Scotland. Given the way they are playing, the Kiwis are likely to win all these matches, which means they will finish the Super 12 stage with 8 points.

A lot of experts have said that if at least one of Afghanistan, Namibia, and Scotland beats New Zealand and India wins all its three remaining matches, then team India has a chance of reaching the last 4 ahead of New Zealand. Fun88’s experts think that’s unlikely to happen.

Of all the teams participating in the ongoing T20 World Cup, New Zealand is the most calm and assured. Its players rarely ever lose their nerve. Led by the captain cool, Kane Williamson, the Kiwis go about their plans in a thorough and professional manner. It’s unlikely that such a team will lose against Scotland, Namibia, or Afghanistan.

A number of ex-cricketers think that the Kiwis are the best side across all formats, and rightfully so. Therefore, it’s highly likely that New Zealand will win the remaining three matches easily without any hassles and reach the semifinals along with Pakistan from Group 2.

England and Australia are likely to reach the semifinals from Group 1

England and Australia could reach semi finals from Group 1

England has won all the four matches it has played so far in the Super 12 stage, which means it’s highly likely to reach the semifinals of the T20 World Cup. The winner of the last ODI World Cup in 2019, England, is arguably the best white-ball team in the world at the moment.

What is really impressive about England is how it responds to a challenge. Playing against Sri Lanka, England was 35 for 3 at one stage, and it seemed the game was slipping away from its hands. But Jos Buttler and Eoin Morgan took the matters into their own hands.

Buttler, in particular, looked strong, as he scored 101 runs off just 67 deliveries. England made 163 runs in 20 overs. Then, its bowlers ensured that Sri Lankan batsmen didn’t have an easy time chasing. As a result, England won the match comfortably by 26 runs.

Betting odds indicate that Australia, in all probability, will be the other team from Group 1 to qualify for the semi finals. Australia has won 2 of the 3 matches it has played. It has two matches left, one against Bangladesh and the other against West Indies.

Given that neither Bangladesh nor West Indies are playing well at the moment, we think that Australia should have no trouble in beating them. Australia should end the Super 12 stage with 8 points, which will help them reach the knock-out stage.

That will mean that South Africa will get eliminated. The Proteas have two matches left, one against Bangladesh and the other against England. While they can beat Bangladesh comfortably, it’s unlikely that they will beat England. Therefore, Proteas will have 6 points, which won’t be enough to reach the last four.

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