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IPL Betting Online – Types of Betting options That You Can try this IPL

IPL Cicket Betting Online

When it comes to online betting on IPL matches, there are enough options that can help you channelize your passion for cricket into a financially rewarding proposition. Even before an Indian Premier League (IPL) season begins, there are a lot of online contests where people can go and bet their money.

As the season begins and matches continue, the options only increase, giving enough opportunities to people to put their cricket knowledge into practice by placing bets online. Since IPL betting/IPL satta is an upcoming industry, many people may not be aware of the type of contests they can bet on.

So, we thought we’d dedicate this blog to explain the type of betting options available in the market. Read on….

What Are The Types of Betting Contests For Bettors?

  1. Pre-match betting and in-play betting: Some of the most popular online contests are pre-match betting and in-play betting. In the case of pre-match betting, a better can place his bets much before a match starts on several aspects like the match-winner, how many runs will be scored, the number of 4s and 6s, etc. While you have the option to place your bets before a match starts, you can do the same even after the match starts, and in that case, it’ll be called in-play betting. At FUN88, we divide IPL betting into four markets: Live, Today, Early Market, and Outright. Under Live, you can bet on matches currently happening, which means it is like in-play betting. For pre-match betting, we provide two options to punters – Today and Early Market. Under Today, we allow you to place bets on pre-match events that will kick-off within Hong Kong Time (HKT) 12:00pm – 11:59pm. Under Early market, you can place bets on events that will start 12:00am onwards. There’s another option also called Outright, wherein we allow betters to place bets on the outright winner of the IPL.
  2. Options under Live, Today, Early Market, and Outright: FUN88 provides three bet types – Single Bet, Combo Bet, and System Bet, for each of the IPL betting markets. As the name suggests, a Single Bet involves placing a bet on a single event and is the most common bet type. Suppose you place a 100 Single on Delhi Capitals beating Chennai Super Kings at odds of 0.8. If Delhi Capitals wins the match, you will win 180 (80 as profit). But, if Delhi Capitals draws or loses the match, you will get 0. A Combo Bet (also known as parlay) is a single wager that involves two or more bets. For example, suppose you have Rs 1,000 to bet, instead of betting only on Delhi Capitals beating Chennai Super Kings, you can also bet on Royal Challengers Bangalore beating Rajasthan Royals. So, with a combo bet, you are betting Rs 1,000 on two events and not just one. The catch here is, if one leg loses, in this case supposing RCB loses to RR, you lose the whole combo bet. A System Bet is like a Combo Bet with the difference that if one leg of the bet loses, you don’t lose the whole bet. Under System Bet also, you can bet on multiple selections. For example, you can bet on DC beating CSK, RCB beating RR, and Mumbai Indians beating Punjab Kings. You will not lose the whole bet even if MI ends up losing to Punjab Kings.
  3. Betting exchange: FUN88 is one of the few IPL betting sites that offer a betting exchange that allows members to bet against one another. Betters can offer odds or request odds from other betters. A betting exchange is a ‘no-risk’ gamble as it allows betters to bet against each other and earn commission on wins. Sounds exciting, isn’t it? So, how does it work, you ask? Betting exchange involves two bets, one-betting on win and second-betting on the same selection to lose. This option gives punters a guaranteed return, flexibility, and better value than traditional bookmakers.
    betting exchange
Ready to start IPL betting with FUN88?

At FUN88, we offer all these options and a lot more to make online IPL betting secure, enjoyable, and accessible to a vast number of betters in India. We are a leading IPL betting site with unique features and interface. We have made it easier for you to bet while watching your favourite IPL matches, as our website is easily accessible on both your laptop and mobile phone.So, if you’re keen on online IPL Satta, register at FUN88 or download our app now.