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IPL Betting/Satta: How to play online with the most trustworthy sites?

Every year, cricket fans eagerly wait for the Indian Premier League (IPL) to watch exciting matches between their favourite teams. A significantly high number of cricket lovers also place online bets on the IPL matches, which is no surprise because people love to play teen patti and satta in India.

That’s why many sites and apps have emerged over the last few years to offer people a chance to place their bets on their favourite cricket matches. After all, seven straight weeks of cricket does have a lot of potential for betting.

But, for someone who has never bet in his life, it can be confusing. Some people can predict a cricket match’s outcome, but even they find it tough to find their way around betting.

So, if you’re keen to step into the world of IPL betting, here are the steps you should follow to place bets with the most trustworthy sites.
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Steps to Follow When Choosing an IPL Betting Online Site

  1. Choose the right IPL betting website: Just as it is important to correctly predict the outcome of IPL matches, it’s also crucial to find the right betting website. Do a thorough research online and check what the website offers in terms of the welcome bonus, IPL betting odds and tips.
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  2. Set a betting budget: After creating an online IPL betting account, the next step should be to set a betting budget. This means deciding how much amount you’ll be placing on bets, as you’ll need to deposit funds. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you don’t cross a particular threshold while betting, which will limit your losses. Without setting a betting budget, you may go on and on betting and incur huge losses. Deposit an amount of your choice on Fun88.
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  3. Get familiar with betting odds: Betting odds help you work out how likely an outcome is to happen and calculate your potential winnings and losses. It’s a recipe for disaster if you start betting without getting familiar with odds. If you’re unfamiliar with betting odds, use this formula as guidance: Winnings = (odds * stake) – stake. Odds can be of different types – Decimal, Hong Kong, Malaysian etc. Make sure you are clear about these definitions beforehand.
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  4. Focus on teams and players: Betting requires a little bit of research. It’s not a good idea to place bets based on guesswork. Check for basic stats and data like – Which team has won how many matches? Which team has never won even a single season? Also, keep an eye on talented players. You should check the newcomers and their performance. Explore the website to get player and team-wise analysis.
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  5. Embrace the Live Betting: Live betting is done when a game is going on. It’s thrilling because the odds keep shifting during a match. It can help you win good money. But be quick with your decisions.
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Online Cricket Betting can be an exhilarating experience. While research goes a long way to make money, it’s important to remember that losing is also a part of the game. So, don’t go overboard. You should never put in money that you don’t afford to lose. Bet responsibly.

Fun88 supports responsible gambling practices. Join us now to start your journey.


Online Cricket Betting Tips – How to Place a Bet on Cricket Like a Pro!

Betting on cricket is no mean task because it requires you to have in-depth knowledge of cricket and how online betting operates. If you are serious about online cricket betting or cricket satta, then you must be prepared to do a lot of legwork.

There are many recreational bettors out there, who wager from time to time, mostly for fun. But, if you intend to go beyond what recreational bettors do, you’ll have to take your game very seriously.

At FUN88, we offer you cricket betting tips and analysis that will help you in kickstarting your online betting journey.

Here’s how you can become a professional cricket bettor:

  1. Do a thorough research
    As a bettor, the probability of making money directly depends upon your research. You need to know everything about the past performance of players and teams. We’d also suggest you know about the coaches because they matter a lot. For example, Ricky Ponting was a force to reckon with as the coach of Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Later, Ponting moved to Delhi Capitals as its coach and Delhi’s performance has considerably improved since then. If you want to bet on cricket matches, you need to understand the team composition, dynamics between the coach and the captain, even pitch conditions and weather. Only then will you be able to bet like a pro on cricket matches.
  2. Learn to read odds
    Fun88 Odds
    To bet on cricket matches regularly, you’ve got to learn how to read ‘odds’. Many people struggle to read odds. So, let’s explain. At FUN88, we display odds in four ways: Decimal Odds, Hong Kong Odds, Malaysian Odds, and Indonesian Odds. Decimal Odds represent the probability of an event’s outcome turned into a percentage. For example, if you say that the probability of an outcome is 40%, then Decimal Odds would be expressed as 100% (total) / 40% (probability of this outcome) = 2.5. If you bet Re 1, you’ll get Rs 2.5 in the event you win. Let’s talk about Hong Kong Odds now. If you say that Hong Kong odds of an event is 0.5, it means that for Re 1 bet, you’ll get Stake x (1+ HK odds), which means 1 x (1+0.5) = Rs 1.5, provided that event occurs. At FUN88, we also display Indonesian Odds, which are like American Odds. In this case, whole numbers are written with a plus (+) or negative (-) sign. For example, if a team has +130 written against it, it means you’ve to bet Rs 100 to win Rs 130. But, if it has -150 written as odds, it means you’ve to bet Rs 150 to win Rs 100. Like American Odds, Malaysian Odds also use positive and negative numbers. Positive (+) odds means you’re betting on favourites, while negative (-) odds you’re betting on underdogs. If Malay odds of a team winning are +0.2, it means you’ll get Rs 1.2 for betting Re 1. But, if the odds of a team winning are -0.2, you’ll get 1 x (1 -1/Malay Odds), which means 1+(1/0.2) = Rs 6 for betting Rs 1.

    On Fun88, You can choose in which format you want to view the odds of a game as shown below:

  3. Find a legitimate betting site
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    Your cricket betting journey should start with finding a legitimate betting site. You don’t want your money to be stuck with a fly-by-night operator. Therefore, we’d always advise you to find a legitimate betting site, which is well recognized. So you can be sure of playing on a legitimate and credible brand when on Fun88.
  4. Compare odds across betting websites
    After finding a few betting websites, your next step should be to compare odds across websites. In other words, you’ll have to ascertain how much you’ll win or lose for the same outcome across a number of betting websites. That will show you how fair different websites are in terms of odds and margin they offer. At FUN88, we take pride in the fact that we offer some of the most competitive cricket betting odds in the industry. Not to mention the plethora of payments options to choose from, quick withdrawal process and 24*7 customer support.
  5. Exciting promotional offers
    Always keep an eye on FUN88 as we often offer exciting promotional offers in the hours leading up to a cricket match. A price boost or an offer gives a leverage and in a position to make more money. This includes a first-time deposit bonus, cashback, lucky draw, and a lot more! To see a detailed list of all current bookmaker promotions available, please refer to our promotions page.

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If you’re serious about online cricket betting, we’d advise you to follow all the steps mentioned above to increase your chances of winning! FUN88 is the most reliable, genuine, and preferred cricket betting sites for bettors across the globe. Register now to start your journey.

IPL 2021

What is online sports betting? Why is it gaining popularity in India?

In the last few years, online sports betting has become quite popular in India, with people betting on cricket, football, tennis, and other sports. But, to those, who are more accustomed to traditional ways of betting, it might just be difficult to understand what online sports betting is after all.

With a mobile phone or a laptop in your hand, it’s really easy to find such online sportsbooks and research the odds and terms & conditions they are offering.

In essence, it works like traditional sportsbooks, but as a bettor, you don’t have to go to a gambling den or a specific part of your city to find like-minded people who are willing to wager on sports. All you have to do is, find online sportsbooks, spend some time to understand what they offer, shortlist those whose terms you like, and you’re all set to begin.

There are a number of companies based out of India, which are running online sportsbooks aimed at potential bettors in India. But playing with companies based in India can be legally risky as this is against the law.

It is safer to bet from brands that are based outside of India as there is no law, which prohibits online betting from companies based outside of India. You can bet safely on Fun88, which has a gambling license from the gaming corporation in the Philippines.

Why is online sports betting gaining popularity in India?

  1. Convenience and Ease:
    Play On Fun88 at Home
    Play On Fun88 at Home
    Online sports betting has caught the fancy of many because it’s convenient and easy. Thanks to online platforms like Fun88 the speed with which you can place your bets is unprecedented. All you have to do is go to the website, select your favourite sport, and place your bets. What’s more, we even provide you tips, predictions, and other tools that help you research before placing your bets. You don’t have to call anyone, and neither do you have to travel anywhere. Just sit back and relax and play with your favourite betting platform.
  2. Increase in smartphone and data usage:
    Smartphone India Fun88
    Smartphone Usage In India is Increasing
    In the last five years, smartphone and mobile data have become a lot more affordable in India than earlier. As a result, many people in Tier 2 & 3 cities and villages are using smartphones and utilising the potential of digital technology. At the same time, sports betting companies have websites and apps, which are easy to access through mobile phones. This is the reason that a lot of Indians have started using their smartphones for placing bets online. Go to now or download our app now.
  3. Safe payment modes are available.
    Payments Methods in Fun88
    Payments Methods in Fun88 – GooglePay, PayTM, Online Banking & More
    No financial transaction is possible without the availability of safe and secure payment methods. Many online betting sites support UPI wallets like Paytm, Google Pay, and PhonePe, making it easier for people to transfer money online. Apart from that, most sites even support Netbanking for those who want to use this mode of transfer. Fun88 has extensive payment options to suit your needs. Just deposit with a payment method of your choice.
  4. A huge line-up of tournaments.
    Bet On Cricket with Fun88
    Bet On Cricket with Fun88 for best odds
    For sports betting, tournaments and matches must keep on happening. When it comes to cricket, a significant number of people bet on the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. That’s why online IPL betting is really popular. Apart from that, bettors also wager on bilateral series, like India vs Australia or India vs England, etc. and on all kinds of matches, whether T-20, test matches, and ODIs. Apart from cricket betting, people also wager on sports like football, hockey, and tennis in India.

Although online sports betting have gained popularity in India, it’s still early days and the sector has tremendous potential to grow. The presence of reliable and trustworthy players like Fun88 will attract more people to online sports betting.