IPL 2021

10 reasons to visit FUN88 site for online IPL betting!

FUN88 is fast emerging as the most preferred online site for all those who want to bet on the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches. With our efforts over the years, we’ve made online IPL betting / IPL satta exciting and safe for all kinds of bettors across India.

Be it competitive odds or personalized bonuses and promotions, FUN88 is clearly one of the leading online betting app and site for IPL.

Here’s why you should visit FUN88 for online betting.

  1. Variety of contests to bet on. You can place your bets on all aspects of IPL 2021 matches on FUN88’s website. We allow you to bet on top batsman, top bowler, total runs, total wickets, number of 4s and 6s, man of the match, etc. You’ve got the option of pre-match betting (which means to place a bet before the match starts) and in-play betting (which means to place a bet after the match starts).
  2. Competitive and fair cricket odds. No matter which aspect of the match you want to bet on, remain assured that FUN88 offers some of the most competitive and fair IPL betting odds. Over the years, we’ve earned an enviable following precisely because we offer competitive odds, which attract bettors from everywhere in India.
  3. Tips and analysis. Apart from offering competitive cricket odds, we also provide you tips and analysis of the ongoing IPL matches that help you improve as a bettor. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, our IPL cricket betting tips can be useful in improving the probability of making money while betting.
  4. Interactive website and a mobile app. There’s no fun in cricket betting if the betting site is not designed properly. We’ve made a lot of efforts to ensure that FUN88’s website and mobile app have an interactive interface, which is easy to access and use.
  5. Flexible options to view odds. FUN88 lets you display odds using either fractional, decimal or American odds views. Whatever your preferences are, you can view the odds accordingly at our platform.
  6. Sports Exchange. While other betting sites only offer you odds, FUN88 also allows you to put up your own odds. On our website, you have an option to bet on the odds we offer. Apart from that, you also have the flexibility to offer your own odds, which other players can bet on. We call it a ‘Sports Exchange.’ We are proud to be one of the very few betting sites to offer you the option of a sports exchange.
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  7. Live streaming of matches. Once you sign up on FUN88, you get to watch the live streaming of each and every IPL match. We offer you a holistic sports entertainment platform that not only allows you to watch the matches but also place your bets.
  8. Superb promotional offers. FUN88 offers exciting promotional offers to make online betting even more interesting. For IPL 2021 Lucky Draw, we’re offering you a chance to win BMW SUV–X7, Suzuki Hayabusa bike, iPhone 12 Pro, IPL Finals Tickets, etc. Visit this link to know more:
  9. Secure payment options. We offer you a number of secure payment options, including Netbanking, UPI, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Astropay, Sticpay, and Ecopayz. We want people to remain stress-free while transferring money for betting. That’s the reason FUN88 brings so many payment methods. We allow you to transfer money in your own currency, INR (Indian Rupees), so that the transaction is totally hassle-free.
  10. Super easy withdrawals. FUN88 allows you to withdraw your money easily once you’ve completed the rollover requirements. Moreover, you can withdraw money in whichever bank you like.

We’ve provided such features because we understand that the idea of a platform is to act as an enabler and not a deterrent. That’s the reason we’ve designed FUN88 by keeping bettors in mind. Visit FUN88’s website now to see for yourself.

IPL 2021


It’s fun to bet on cricket. It’s all the more exciting when the IPL season starts since this event has managed to bring the entire country together, giving an adrenaline rush to the young and the old alike. With such strong feelings and passion involved, IPL has emerged as highly promising ground for online betting. Whether you are doing it for fun or want to make some quick money through IPL bet prediction, the first step is to select the right betting site and setting up your account on it.

TRUSTWORTHINESS and EASE OF USE are the two key concerns when it comes to picking the best online IPL betting site. Delving a little deeper, you should also consider the following factors when choosing an online betting site:

How to select an online IPL betting site?

  1. Security:You should always go for betting sites that have legitimate payment methods before depositing your funds. It is advisable to go for a betting site that makes use of secure domains and are encrypted.
    Here is a quick way to know if the site is secure or not – just click on the ‘lock’ icon before the website URL. It will show you if the connection is secure.

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    Also, check whether the betting site uses secure payment methods. Look for the sign PCI/DSS, which says if the website is PCI (payment card industry standards) compliant.

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  2. Large selection of sports/events: There’s no point in considering sites that do not offer betting options on leagues such as IPL or the World Cup. While most sites cover these major leagues, some of the top ones also give importance to the smaller events. The idea is to have a choice to place a bet on a wide range of sports or events. You can place bets before the match is LIVE or during the LIVE match as well.
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  3. Bonuses and promotions: A good betting site promises lucrative deals and bonuses, which you go can through and take your pick. However, make sure you give the terms and conditions a thorough read to avoid complications going forward.
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  4. Convenient Payment options: This is a very crucial concern for online bettors. Most of the credible betting sites support multiple payment options, which ensure a seamless experience for bettors. Some IPL Satta sites, however, prefer using separate e-wallets. As the user, you should have all documents ready at your disposal. It is also recommended to verify your account before making any deposit, just as a safety measure. Online Banking, UPI remains the most popular payment method amongst bettors.
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  5. Detailed research: Though time-consuming, this is of paramount importance before zeroing on the betting sites. Check out reviews of the popular online betting sites in India, which will reveal a lot about the bookmakers you will eventually deal with. After all, you should have a clear idea of what you’re getting into and also have some impression about whether the bookmaker follows the rules and makes timely payments. is a popular review site that honestly reviews current betting players in the market.
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  6. Customer support: The online betting company you choose should ensure accurate and timely responses. Some IPL Satta online betting sites provide the option of live chats, through which customers can connect with the company and reach out for any kind of assistance. The way a betting site deals with public complaints also speaks volumes of its ethics and professionalism.
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    Additionally, you should also keep an eye on the site loading speed, overall layout of the site, how the odds are displayed, etc. when choosing a betting site for yourself. If you are more of an on-the-go better who prefers engaging through the phone, check out if their mobile interface or the IPL Satta app is user-friendly.

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FUN88 is one of the most popular IPL betting sites online, which boasts of an interactive website, secure payment methods, useful IPL betting tips, and so on. If you are keen to give online IPL betting a shot, you should surely check it out!

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IPL 2021

IPL Betting/Satta: How to play online with the most trustworthy sites?

Every year, cricket fans eagerly wait for the Indian Premier League (IPL) to watch exciting matches between their favourite teams. A significantly high number of cricket lovers also place online bets on the IPL matches, which is no surprise because people love to play teen patti and satta in India.

That’s why many sites and apps have emerged over the last few years to offer people a chance to place their bets on their favourite cricket matches. After all, seven straight weeks of cricket does have a lot of potential for betting.

But, for someone who has never bet in his life, it can be confusing. Some people can predict a cricket match’s outcome, but even they find it tough to find their way around betting.

So, if you’re keen to step into the world of IPL betting, here are the steps you should follow to place bets with the most trustworthy sites.
ipl betting online

Steps to Follow When Choosing an IPL Betting Online Site

  1. Choose the right IPL betting website: Just as it is important to correctly predict the outcome of IPL matches, it’s also crucial to find the right betting website. Do a thorough research online and check what the website offers in terms of the welcome bonus, IPL betting odds and tips.
    top ipl betting sites
  2. Set a betting budget: After creating an online IPL betting account, the next step should be to set a betting budget. This means deciding how much amount you’ll be placing on bets, as you’ll need to deposit funds. By doing this, you’ll ensure that you don’t cross a particular threshold while betting, which will limit your losses. Without setting a betting budget, you may go on and on betting and incur huge losses. Deposit an amount of your choice on Fun88.
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  3. Get familiar with betting odds: Betting odds help you work out how likely an outcome is to happen and calculate your potential winnings and losses. It’s a recipe for disaster if you start betting without getting familiar with odds. If you’re unfamiliar with betting odds, use this formula as guidance: Winnings = (odds * stake) – stake. Odds can be of different types – Decimal, Hong Kong, Malaysian etc. Make sure you are clear about these definitions beforehand.
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  4. Focus on teams and players: Betting requires a little bit of research. It’s not a good idea to place bets based on guesswork. Check for basic stats and data like – Which team has won how many matches? Which team has never won even a single season? Also, keep an eye on talented players. You should check the newcomers and their performance. Explore the website to get player and team-wise analysis.
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  5. Embrace the Live Betting: Live betting is done when a game is going on. It’s thrilling because the odds keep shifting during a match. It can help you win good money. But be quick with your decisions.
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Online Cricket Betting can be an exhilarating experience. While research goes a long way to make money, it’s important to remember that losing is also a part of the game. So, don’t go overboard. You should never put in money that you don’t afford to lose. Bet responsibly.

Fun88 supports responsible gambling practices. Join us now to start your journey.