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Top features like betting exchange, sign-up bonuses are a must in a sports betting app!

There are a lot of sports betting apps out there today, which allow you to wager on multiple sports like cricket, football, hockey, lawn-tennis, table-tennis, etc. But as a customer, how do you decide which betting app to go for and which one to avoid?

Ideally speaking, you should go for a sports betting app that offers lots of features, and more importantly, features that matter to you. While different punters may desire different features or benefits, a few features are necessary if a sports betting app has to do well.

In a day and age like this, it’s a MUST for sports betting apps to have a betting exchange and offer sign-up bonuses to attract a wide set of bettors. Given that a “betting exchange” is a relatively new term, it’s important to explain what it is all about.

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Why is it important for a sports betting app in India to have a betting exchange?

A betting exchange is a platform that allows bettors to wager against each other without having to go through a bookmaker. What are its benefits, you may ask? First, there’s no bookmaker in this case.

Since there’s no bookie involved, no one takes commissions from both the parties involved in a bet. Let’s take an example to explain this concept further. We all know that Rohit Sharma fancies hitting a pull or a hook shot.

Suppose you want to bet on whether Rohit will hit a pull shot on the very first ball he’ll face in a match. It’s not necessary that the betting site you visit offers such an option to bet on because, quite frankly, it’s an unusual bet.

But a betting exchange allows you to place a bet on this event, provided someone is willing to bet on the exact opposite result. If you want to bet on Rohit hitting a pull shot on the very first ball, some other punter should be willing to bet that Rohit will not hit a pull on the very first ball.

As there’s no bookie involved, the commissions on such bets are typically a lot lower than on bets offered by a bookmaker. The second benefit of a betting exchange is that you have this tremendous flexibility of betting on anything that you want.

When a sports betting app offers a betting exchange, punters aren’t limited to the betting options offered by the app, as they can start offering bets to each other. But a question may arise as to how betting apps make money if punters don’t have to go through a bookie.

Sportsbooks, which offer a betting exchange, charge a small commission on the winnings of the bettors. So only the bettor who wins has to pay a tiny commission to the betting site.

Sign-up bonuses or ‘welcome bonuses’ are an in-thing to attract new punters
Get amazing betting exchange and sign-up bonuses on Fun88 App!

One of the smartest strategies for a sports betting app, sign-up bonuses, help attract a number of customers who are new to betting. It’s a kind of an incentive given by a betting app to a newbie bettor to motivate him to start wagering.

The way it works is simple. Betting apps offer something called a “deposit bonus” to new bettors. All they have to do is visit the site or download the app of a sports betting site, register, and make their first deposit.

Suppose a bettor makes a deposit of Rs 200. There are betting sites, which offer a 100% deposit bonus, which means the bettor will be able to bet for Rs 400 (Rs 200 his own and another Rs 200 welcome bonus).

This way, he can bet more without actually putting more money in a deposit from his own pocket. But a bettor must check the terms and conditions for utilizing the bonus amount properly. Betting apps often require punters to bet 1X to 25X of the bonus amount to claim it.

There are other types of bonuses as well. Some betting apps/sites offer something called a “No Deposit Bonus”. This means a bonus which a punter can get without actually making a deposit. All a punter has to do is create an account on a betting site to claim such a bonus.

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Fun88 app offers amazing sign-up bonuses and a betting exchange for punters

Fun88’s sports betting app offers a superb betting exchange that allows punters to offer wagers to each other on multiple sports like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, kabaddi, etc.

Besides, we allow you to bet on a number of tournaments and leagues of a sport, like the Indian Premier League (IPL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL) in cricket and the Premier League, Euro Cup, and World Cup in football.

With our sports betting app, you’ll never face the lack of betting options. And when you do find that you don’t have the betting option that you want, our betting exchange will allow you to offer that bet to other punters.

Login at Fun88’s website or download our app and get an amazing sign up bonus and kick off your betting journey.