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Top online slot games & card games of 2022 that’ll make you win big!

If you’re a punter, who loves to make a killing by playing online games, then you must be thinking about the top online slot games and card games that’ll make you win big in 2022. At Fun88, the top online casino and gambling platform, we offer a number of immersive slot and card games with great visuals, exciting themes, terrific jackpots, which are easy to play and keep the players glued to their screens.

In this blog, we’ll tell you which online slot games and online card games you can play to make real money at Fun88 in 2022. Since these games are online, you can play them with friends or with millions of players from anywhere in the world.

Best online slot & card games to win big in 2022

Five Reel Drive
Five Reel Drive is an 5-reel video slot game based on fast cars and fast food.

This 5-reel video slot game is based on an exciting world of fast cars and fast food. This game has tons of amazing graphics and visuals representing the American dream. From burgers, cars to blueberry pie, you’ll be able to see the symbols for everything associated with an American highway experience.

At Fun88’s 5-reel video slot game, you get 12 symbols, which are split into two groups: things you see on an open road and things you see when you take a pitstop to have dinner.

The value of fast-food symbols is the lowest. Then, you have other options like coffee, doughnuts, blueberry pie, soda, etc., which have a higher value than the fast-food symbols. Besides, you have other symbols like fuzzy mirror dice, a pink and yellow car, a trucker, and flaming wheel, which have a much higher value than the fast-food symbols. In order to win, you’ve to line 2 to 5 of these symbols along an active payline.

Break Da Bank Again
Break Da Bank is a video game about breaking into a bank vault.

Break da Bank Again is an exciting upgrade over Break da Bank, which was a very popular online slot game. Everyone likes the idea of a game themed on breaking into a bank vault. It’s thrilling, exciting, and certainly not for the faint-hearted.

With symbols like gold coins, gold bars, cash, diamonds, pens and checks, the Break da Bank Again logo, and the vault, this game gives a real look and feel to the players. To win, you’ll have to line up three or more matching symbols on a payline.

Bear in mind that the logo of ‘Break da Bank Again’ is wild, and it can substitute for anything except the scatter. If wild is a part of any win, it’s multiplied by 5. Hold your breath for what we’re going to tell you next.

If the Logo substitute is a part of a winning combination in a free spin, then you’ll be awarded 25X of your wins.

Immortal Romance
Immortal Romance is a video slot game that relies on sci-fi and the cult of Vampires.

This game has been developed around a dark tale of love with a vampire theme. It gives players a look and feel of a gothic adventure. Immortal Romance offers five reels, three rows, and 243 paylines. In other words, you have 243 ways to make money.

In terms of its symbols, a lion’s head door knocker is the scatter symbol. The logo of Immortal Romance is wild, and it can replace all other symbols, except for the scatter. Frequently-used playing cards, like the 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, are also symbols in the game. Apart from that, there are other symbols as well, like Amber, Michael, Troy, Sarah, a library room, a scroll next to a candle, a view of the university building, etc.

The game also features a ‘Wild Desire Bonus,’ which can get activated on its own while you’re playing and can help you in giving a boost to your winnings.

The Great Albini

As the name suggests, this game is themed around a magician called The Great Albini and his pretty sidekick, Lily. It’s a 25 payline, 5-reel video slot that becomes 50 paylines and 6 rows in a bonus round.

This game has nine pay symbols. From 10 to Ace are symbols, which are low in value. Then comes a variety of magic peripherals like a knife target and a bird, which are of medium value. The top-paying symbol is The Great Albini himself. An intricate-looking tile with “Wild” written across it is the wild symbol. Besides, there are two scatter symbols, mystery boxes, and bonus boxes.

The real excitement in this game comes from the ‘Mystery Box Re-spin feature,’ which gets initiated when the Mystery Box pitches are stacked on the third reel.

While the Mystery Box is sticking to the reel, you’ll get three re-spins. Over and above this, there’s a free spin feature as well, which comes into the picture when the scatters appear on the screen during the main game on the three middle rows.

Texas Hold’em Poker
Texas holdem is the king of poker games.

If you’re fond of playing card games, you can play Texas Hold’em Poker online at Fun88. As it’s played online, you can play with fellow players from anywhere in the world. It’s definitely more thrilling because there are just so many options to choose from. The rules remain pretty much the same.

Each player gets dealt two private cards (‘hole cards’), which belong to them alone. Each player also gets five community cards, which are kept face-up to form the ‘board.’ A player can make any combination from these seven cards (two private and five communities) to make the best desirable five-card hand.

At Fun88, you get all the variations of Texas Hold’em Poker, from No-Limit (where a player can bet any amount), Pot Limit (where a player can bet any amount up to the pot’s size) to Limit (with a limit on betting in each round).

Read in detail about how to play Texas Hold’em Poker on Fun88. Likewise, you can also play Omaha, Razz, or Super 10 on Fun88.

Point Rummy & Pool Rummy
Fun88 has launched ‘HappyAce Rummy’ that allows you to play Rummy with fellow players around the world using your laptop or even a mobile-phone.

You can play both Point Rummy and Pool Rummy at Fun88, depending upon your skill level. You can play a 2-player or a 6-player session of Point Rummy by just paying an entrance fee of Rs 8 per player. If you want to win a game of Point Rummy, you must make a minimum of 2 sequences, of which one should be a pure sequence, and the other can be one of the valid sets/sequences.

In the case of Pool Rummy, the settlement is based on pool (101 or 201). You’ll be eliminated from the table if your score reaches 101 points in a 101 pool or 201 points in a 201 pool. You can choose to play with a group of either two players or six players with 101 pool or 201 pool. The rules of declaration remain the same as in the case of Point Rummy.

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