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VIVO Pro Kabaddi League Betting Tips For 2021-22

When the Season 8 of the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League was postponed due to COVID-19 related concerns earlier, sport-lovers and punters were disappointed. They wanted the adrenaline rush they get by watching and betting on Kabaddi, but COVID-19 had its own plans.

But now that VIVO Pro Kabaddi’s Season 8 has started on December 22, 2021-22, excitement is in the air because the league will bring action from the top kabaddi teams composing some of the best players from India and abroad.

That’s the reason, we, at Fun88, have decided to offer VIVO Pro Kabaddi betting tips so that it’s easier for punters to place their bets. While some of you may have an in-depth knowledge of kabaddi and betting, a lot of you may still be beginners. This blog is meant for all of you to learn a few tricks of kabaddi betting and punt safely.

Fun88’s VIVO Pro Kabaddi League Betting Tips

Know the basics of Kabaddi betting to bet successfully on the game

VIVO Pro Kabaddi League Season 8 Betting Tips
While a lot of us may have played kabaddi in our school days, it still makes sense to do a recap of the basic Kabaddi rules. You need to know the basics to bet successfully on any sport. So, here goes.

A game of kabaddi is played between two teams, which take turns to raid and defend. To raid, a raider goes to the defending team’s court. The idea is to touch one or more defenders and come back to his court within 30 seconds. A raider gets one point for every defender he touches.

The most important part: a raider has to continuously chant ‘kabaddi’ (कबड्डी in hindi). If he fails to do so, he’ll be eliminated from the game. When a raider is in the defending team’s court, the defending team must tackle him to ensure that he doesn’t go back to his court. If he’s indeed prevented from going back to his court, then he’s eliminated.

For a successful tackle, the defending team gets one point.

Points-system of the VIVO Pro Kabaddi League

It’s important to understand the points system of the VIVO Pro Kabaddi 2021-22 League to wager on it. Team rankings in this league are a function of points earned by each team while playing against each other.

A team gets five points for winning a match. However, if the losing team lost the match by three or less points, then it also earns one point. A team scores one point for every opponent out or put out.

When a team scores an all-out (it means it has managed to put out all players of the opposing team), then it gets two extra points over and above the points for putting out all the players of the opposing team.

For every bonus point, each team gets one point. A raider gets a bonus point when he crosses the bonus line in the defending team’s court. If the defending team has three defenders or less and it still manages to catch the raider, then the defending team gets an additional bonus point.

Get a firm grip on the past statistics of all the participating teams

To bet intelligently, it is necessary to get a firm grip on the past statistics of all the participating teams of VIVO Pro Kabaddi. The table below shows the team-wise data about the total number of matches played to date and the percentage of matches won, lost, and drawn.

In terms of the percentage of matches won, U Mumba is the best team, having won 61.8% of all matches it has played to date. That said, Patna Pirates is the most successful team of VIVO Pro Kabaddi League, having won the championship on three occasions, twice in 2016 and once in 2017. But Patna Pirates has won 52.2% of its overall matches, which is considerably lesser than U Mumba.

It shows that Patna Pirates is a better big-match team than U Mumba. You can gain such insights by correlating different pieces of data with each other. Despite having a high win percentage, U Mumba has won the league only once, in 2015.

Other teams which have won VIVO Pro Kabaddi League are Jaipur Pink Panthers (in 2014), Bengaluru Bulls (in 2018), and Bengal Warriors (in 2019).

VIVO Pro Kabaddi Teams Statistics

Team Played Win% Loss% Draw%
U Mumba 131 61.8% 32.1% 6.1%
Patna Pirates 134 52.2% 38.1% 9.7%
Bengaluru Bulls 130 46.2% 47.7% 6.2%
Jaipur Pink Panthers 126 42.9% 48.4% 8.7%
Telugu Titans 126 40.5% 47.6% 11.9%
Puneri Paltan 128 39.1% 52.3% 8.6%
Bengal Warriors 129 45.7% 42.6% 11.6%
Gujarat Fortune Giants 71 57.7% 32.4% 9.9%
Dabang Delhi 126 37.3% 54.8% 7.9%
Haryana Steelers 68 47.1% 42.6% 10.3%
UP Yoddha 71 43.7% 42.3% 14.1%
Tamil Thalaivas 66 22.7% 63.6% 13.6%
Season Winner Runner-up
2014 Jaipur Pink Panthers U Mumba
2015 U Mumba Bengaluru Bulls
2016 Patna Pirates U Mumba
2016 Patna Pirates Jaipur Pink Panthers
2017 Patna Pirates Gujarat Fortune Giants
2018 Bengaluru Bulls Gujarat Fortune Giants
2019 Bengal Warriors Dabang Delhi

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of all teams

When two teams are pitted against each other in a kabaddi match, you’ve got to know their strengths and weaknesses to bet sensibly. So, let’s start with the most successful team in the league – Patna Pirates.

Patna Pirates have some of the best raiders of the league. Patna Pirates has recently got the former Gujarat Giants raider, Sachin Tanwar, in its team. You can imagine Sachin’s talent with the success he’s had so far.

He has scored 433 raid points so far in this league, which includes 16 Super 10s. The team has also signed the Korean raider, Jang Kun Lee, who has 471 raid points to his credit. While Patna Pirates have a good raiding talent, their defence is weak, with just five specialist defenders.

Moving on to U Mumba. Fazel Atrachali, who’s the skipper and main defender of the team, is a superbly talented player. The main concern about U Mumba is that it depends too much on two players: Abhishek Singh and Atrachali. The rest of the team is relatively inexperienced.

Let’s talk about Bengaluru Bulls now, which has been a fairly consistent team over the years. Bengaluru Bulls has not only retained Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, their star raider but have also signed a few top-quality raiders, like Chandran Ranjit (328 raid points, which includes six Super 10s) and G.B. More (60 raid points in the previous season).

Although Bengaluru Bulls have a solid raiding attack, their defence is not up to the mark. Jaipur Pink Panthers has quality in its side. With the likes of Amit Hooda, who’s one of the most effective corner defenders of PKL and talented all-rounders like Deepak Hooda and Rawal, this team can be tough to beat.

But at the same time, Jaipur Pink Panthers have a somewhat inexperienced raiding talent. It remains to be seen how they will deal with it in this season. Similarly, you should assess the strengths and weaknesses of other teams to predict how they are going to perform in VIVO Kabaddi League 2021-22.

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